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Tech Time!

A Place to Start Coding


Littlebits STEM products

Littlebits STEM projects - lesson plans

Pitsco products


Computer Coding Resources

Code Academy - Introduction to creating code

Khan Academy programming - Introduction to creating code

MIT Scratch Jr. - A first step for students

MIT Scratch - Code-based activities

SNAP - Berkley's drag and drop programming

Symbaloo - Introduction to a number of different coding sites

Lego Mindstorms - ACE program and Gifted Ed. 

Mrs. Hundley's Coding Link

Build a Robot

Want to use our new 3D printer?

Here are some suggestions :)

Option 1: Download an existing 3D object to be used in class and save it to your computer 

Option 2: Create your own 3D image using Sketchup (it would help to choose "3D Printer - Inches" under "Templates" in the opening menu), and then use the extension Sketchup STL to export your creation as an STL file to your computer. 


If you're using an iPad, download the Maker Printshop App

​Next Steps.

Open the Makerbot Makerware program

Click "Add," and select your file

Click "Make," and either export to an SD card or, if your computer is connected to the printer, print!

Inventing Apps!


IMG_4842.JPG IMG_4843.JPG IMG_4844.JPG IMG_4845.JPG

Science Competitions (Application of What's Learned in Class)

STEM Textbooks

CK-12 - Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards aligned texts

Math Resources


Online Periodic Table - Includes Atomic number, weight, etc...

WebElements Online Periodic Table